GP Fellowship Scheme

Are you a GP in your first 12 months of practice? Would you like to continue your professional development whilst working in general practice? Are you looking for a gradual transition into general practice? If any of these apply to you then the GP Fellowship Scheme may be the perfect approach for you.


Benefits of the Scheme

  • Development of portfolio GP working 

  • Bursary to support training & education

  • Protected CPD time

  • Free mentoring and coaching

  • Balint group with other fellows


GP Fellowship Application Information

Please click here for NHS England guidance

If you are a practice that would like to host a GP fellow or a GP interested in a fellowship please Click here to complete an online Expression of Interest form


What is a GP fellowship?

As a newly qualified GP in Norfolk and Waveney there is funding available to support your transition into primary care.

A fellowship can last between 1-3 years depending on which scheme you apply for.

There are three main areas of a GP fellowship

  1. Mentorship and coaching- access to a mentor to support the transition to primary care and develop career goals and aspirations. Access to 6 coaching sessions over the course of the fellowship. Opportunity to have peer support through other GP fellow first 5 GPs

  2. Portfolio PCN working- the opportunity to develop networks and an area of interest. Suggested areas of portfolio working include education, leadership and management, research in primary care or public health, COVID rehabilitation, palliative care, inclusion health and urgent care (this list is not exhaustive)

  3. Learning and development- protected learning time to network, explore and develop ideas around portfolio working, CPD activities and peer learning with some formal learning opportunities supported by the training HUB.


Who can apply for a GP fellowship?

  • Any GP who has qualified in the last 12 months and is in a substantive post (salaried or partnership) at a host surgery. (In certain circumstances this may be flexible so if you are lacking a substantive post but which to apply please specify this on the application form).

  • Full and less than full time working GPs


What fellowship schemes are available?

There are 3 main ways you can enter the fellowship scheme:

  1. The Foundation fellowship- takes place over 2 years, the first year focuses on transition to primary care and support around developing networks and career aspirations. The second year focuses on development of these career aspirations, time allocated for portfolio working and embedding yourself in primary care

  2. The FastTrack fellowship- takes place over 1 year and is suitable for anyone who feels they already have made a good transition into primary care and have some ideas for career development they wish to explore in a supportive way. (similar to the second year of the foundation fellowship).

  3. The Enhanced fellowship- this is an opportunity for a small cohort who wish to complete an extended fellowship, suitable for those who have identified and are working towards career aspirations and are dedicated to transformation of services in the wider primary care setting.


What funding is available?

  • The training HUB provides funding allocated from HEE for new to practice GP fellowships

  • This means that practices are reimbursed your time for one CPD session a week

  • There is also an additional bursary which can be used for your own career development either in an educational setting or to enable portfolio working.


What might my week look like?

  • 8 clinical sessions (mix of duty doctor, routine clinic, additional practice work including ward rounds, minor ops, admin/ CPD if on BMA model contract)

  • 1 CPD session protected time for fellowship funding- during this time opportunity for peer support, mentoring and development and application of portfolio working

  • (In some cases there maybe opportunities for more portfolio working where host organisations can offer funding and reimbursement for a GP’s time).


Case Studies

Dr Emily Player, salaried GP at Bacon Road Medical Centre, GP tutor and fellow in education and training in primary care.

‘Throughout GP training I carried out an academic clinical fellowship (ACF), as a result I had a split week between clinical work and academic/ educational work. I was really keen to carry this forward into my first 5 years following CCT as it was part of my career aspirations long term. Moreover, I had started many teaching projects, research and education networks which I wanted to be able to explore more and sustain some of the roles and interests I had developed but didn’t know how. In September 2020 I started a fellowship at the training HUB one session a week. This meant I was able to develop education in the wider context of primary care, build on networks and experience from my ACF and additionally have CPD time to develop myself. In the 8 months I have been doing this fellowship I have completed the work for GP trainer application and submitted this, I have learnt a lot about the CCG, training HUB and Health Education England. As part of my fellowship I am developing two projects, setting up GP fellowships and providing support for first 5 GPs in this role, as well as a pilot project for community working and collaborative practice in primary care.’

Dr James Courtenay, salaried GP St. Stephens Gate Medical Practice, GP fellow in paediatric neurodevelopmental service.

‘My Clinical Fellowship Post allowed me to gain a specialist competency in prescribing medications for ADHD, opening the door to an ongoing post within the Paediatric Neurodevelopmental service, as well as providing time and funding to complete a diploma in Primary Care Mental Health.  I’d like to think that I have now found the right personal balance between a rewarding career in General Practice alongside an extended role that can be of real benefit to the wider health system.  I would certainly recommend considering a Clinical Fellowship to ‘First 5’ GPs looking to develop a special interest, who are perhaps also looking for an alternative to the traditional choice of a 6 or 8 high-intensity clinical session week in General Practice.’

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Or for further information on the GP Fellowship Scheme contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Physician Associates Internships Scheme

Physician Associates (PAs) are generalist healthcare professionals providing medical care who work semi-autonomously.

  • The aim of this scheme is offering PAs the opportunity to have varied clinical exposure to enhance their professional maturity. This is facilitated through specialist placement with a secondary organisation alongside work in the primary care setting.

General structure (37.5 hr post):

  • 2.5 days in general practice seeing patients
  • 2 days in a specialist host organisation that matches the Fellows area of interest (acute, GPPO, Mental health, IC24)
  • 0.5 days for education that compliments the PA Fellows interests.

Funding is available to support the general practice and the secondary host.

For more information contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.