Bank staff are healthcare professionals who work for Trusts on a zero hour contract. They cover shifts for other members of staff when they’re off sick or on maternity leave. They also take shifts when there is an increase in patient demand. Bank staff have the freedom of choosing which shifts they want to take on, allowing flexibility for overnight shifts, day shifts, weekend shifts etc. NHS staff banks regularly have shifts available due to the demand. Even doctors can work as bank staff.

What do bank staff do?

  • Work the shifts of the member of staff they’re covering/role they’re covering specific to the role they themselves are qualified to do e.g. nursing 
  • Meet the standards of increased patient demand 

Entry requirements 

  • Complete a registration form to declare your interest in becoming a bank worker
  • Have the appropriate qualifications to work in the healthcare profession, as a healthcare professional will assess you to find out what you want to work as in bank (doctors will be assessed directly by a hospital)